How I Work and What to Expect

“Creating photographs of kids [and their families] is an opportunity to slow down the clock and to savor the moments with them before they are gone.”

~Chris Orwig

Recently, my 6-year-old daughter and I were reviewing a movie we watched together that talked about memories.  Why we remember some and why we don’t.  The movie gave the audience the idea that some memories fall into a pit in our brains that gets deeper and deeper into the pit and eventually blown to dust.  You might be thinking, why would I have let her watch this movie?  Why didn’t I preview this?  Well, the truth is, I didn’t see this reaction coming from her.  As I tried to comfort my daughter about how there are lots of memories even I can’t remember, it dawned on me.  As I wiped the tears from her sweet face, I told her how lucky and blessed we were that her Daddy and I have taken (literally) thousands of photos and videos of our family that if we ever “forgot” a moment, we can always go back and look at the photos.

Our story, our time, this time, has been captured, just for our family to remember.

I want to do that for you.  Your family has a story…nothing like the ones before or the next.

My process is simple, but takes a little bit of effort from everyone.

The first thing we do after setting a date for your session is meet up.  This could be in person, on the phone or via Skype, but we meet to get to know each other.  Kinda like a first date, but I want to know all about you, your family and what makes you guys tick…laugh, cry, jump and dance.  I’ll have a short questionnaire for you to fill out to help get our conversation going.

We will chat again a couple times as necessary and discuss the best location, time and wardrobe.  This is usually the part that gets people to feel nervous, but I believe the easiest thing to do is find outfits that are comfortable, fits the location of the session, and not far different from what you usually wear.  For example, if your child is used to wearing shorts and a t-shirt, I don’t recommend finding them a pair of jeans just to go with what everyone else is wearing.  I do suggest clothing that doesn’t have stains on them, loud prints or characters…unless of course, it’s part of the photo session you want to be captured or an activity we’ve discussed.  At the same time, I don’t want it to be such an issue that they are bummed the entire time of the session.  I just want you to be authentically you!

Speaking of activities, we will discuss some sort of activity that everyone in the family will be engaged in and excited about.  This works well for families with small children to families of all adults.  Depending on the location and time, this could look like a fun, splashy time at the beach, coffee or ice cream at your favorite shop, a trip to your favorite pier or local carnival, or even just a walk during sunset or an open grassy field.  The point is to get everyone engaged in something so everyone forgets about me…sort of.  🙂

During a typical session, I start with some posed, very deliberate photography depending on what type of session we’ve discussed.  I get this out of the way so no one gets bored and we can look forward to the fun activity.  For example, if this is a family session at the beach, I get all of the posed photography done first before everyone gets in their swimsuits for some fun.  This makes for something to look forward to and Mom is usually happy that all of the kids are “dirty” at the end of the shoot.  This is also when the magic happens…my absolute favorite time of the session.

If you booked a Fresh 48 session with me, I will be capturing the baby and all of their new, tiny details.  Keeping their clothing or wrap as simple as possible is key to capturing their fresh and newness.  Then, I move onto capturing baby with Mom and Dad together and separately.  Finally, with their siblings and anyone else who is there.

At around 10-14 days, I deliver a password-protected gallery to you via email.  The gallery is where you will see the best of the best-selected images by me after culling and processing.  I don’t present anything not worth sharing which includes unintentional blurry images, facial expressions, awkward “poses”, the b/w or color version of what is presented, etc.

The gallery remains open for 14 days and is where you download your images and make any additional purchases from my lab including enlargements, canvases, and metal prints.

You might be wondering who my favorite clients are…

Well, my favorite clients are ones who are relaxed, adventurous and fun!  Ones who want me to capture them in their truest, most individual nature.  I completely understand how hard it is to loosen up in front of a camera.  Very rarely do I have professionals in front of the lens, but trusting that my first priority is capturing the beauty and uniqueness of your family in the best light possible is my focus.