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My first pic tip of the year and I’m excited to share some impromptu photos of my girls at the beach a couple of days ago that may inspire you to really get out there and practice using that amazing new camera you got for Christmas.  Or, even dust off that old one you haven’t had a chance to learn how to use.  After a really strange week of getting snow (yes, SNOW!) in Southern California, we are back to gorgeous 70-ish degree weather…at least for the next couple of days.

While on the beach I met a really nice family, new to our town, and the mom said to me today must be the perfect day for photos as she noticed many people out with their “big” cameras.  At that moment, I had to shamefully confess to her that I rarely get a chance to shoot my own kids because they get a little tired of me following them around trying to “set the scene.”  That day was no different…the sunset was going to be gorgeous, there wasn’t many people on the beach as vacation was over and, the best part, I actually had my camera ready.  Cleared cards, charged batteries and my 24-70 clean and ready to go.  And I was so glad!

Now before you scroll down, this Thursday’s Pic Tip is actually one every photographer shares is the secret to capturing those amazing shots.  It is how we grow in technique and perspective.  It is how we get to know our cameras like the backs of our hands.  Ready, Set, Go leads you to PRACTICE.  Yes, nothing new here, people.  We just have to make the commitment to get the camera out, ready, set, and go practice.

In fact, to inspire you even more in this fresh, new year, I challenge you to follow my Thursday Pic Tips every week or take one of my Oh Snap! Workshops and then go out and practice.  I promise, you will see through your lenses in a whole other light.

TPT 0107

TPT 0107 3

TPT 0107 4

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TPT 0107 5

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