Thursday Pic Tip: Anticipate the shot | Orange County Family Photographer

It goes without saying when you take photos of children, yours or theirs, you have to think fast and anticipate their next move.  If you’re a mom, you’re pretty well-trained at this.  After all, in order to keep our kids safe or our homes from becoming a complete catastrophe we spend nearly every minute of the day anticipating their next move, right?

This week’s tip encourages you to anticipate the next shot.  Nearly every time, what happens the moment after what you “planned” for the shot turns out better than you imagined!  So, don’t put the camera down after the first click.  Stick around and keep looking through your viewfinder to get the most organic, unexpected shots of the moment.

Here are some of my favorites!
blog 007

blog 005a

blog 05


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