Thursday Pic Tip: Everyday life is worth capturing | Orange County Family & Child Photographer

This week’s Thursday Pic Tip is a reminder that capturing your everyday life is worth photographing to remember forever.  As a mom to two busy girls I totally relate to relying on my easy camera phone to capture everyday moments.  However, if you have a fancier camera like a DSLR on the ready, capturing everyday moments at home is just as easy.  Just like charging my phone every night, I like to make sure the batteries to my big camera and an empty card is ready on the counter for moments like the ones below.  It will also keep you in practice with that fancy camera!

I am so glad I captured these at the time because while I was looking through my archives for photos I was giggling at how cute and little my girls were!  It’s so amazing and I feel so blessed to have had these moments to share with them!  (The first image shows how Devon loved her high chair and Taryn totally skipped it and sat straight into a regular chair.  The last two images are of my girls at 3 1/2 years old.)

Now, don’t wait for a special occasion or place to take the big camera out.  Be inspired and capture your everyday for unique memories of your family.  Have a great weekend!

082314 TPT everyday life 02

082314 TPT everyday life 05

082314 TPT everyday life 04

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