Thursday Pic Tip: Set the stage | Orange County Family Photographer

Last week, I discussed why we should anticipate the next shot when photographing our family.  This time I am going to share with you why we should sometimes “set the stage” for a possible good time.  This is a great tip if you want to capture your kids doing something they love and you want to remember forever, like playing with their favorite Legos or trying to prepare your own family for a photo session with your  family photographer.

The reason why this is such a helpful tool is because it takes the attention off of the camera so you can really capture authentic emotion and interaction.

Below is one of my clients whose child loved the beach balls I brought her.  After their “formal” session, we let her do whatever she wanted and this was one of my personal favorites.  The one further below is a rare photo of my own family and I enjoying a little train ride around a park in Austin.  This was a perfect setting for an unposed shot of all of us.  Nobody knew my bestie was snapping away and I am so blessed she was able to capture this for me.

Set the Stage

Set the Stage

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