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This might sound familiar to you as I’ve mentioned this pic tip when I use to post it directly to my Facebook page as opposed to here on my blog.  However, I thought it would be worth sharing it again because it’s a tip that can be used even if 99.9% of your photography is with a camera phone.

What does it mean to straighten your horizons and why is it so important?

First, straightening your horizons means to find in your photo what is naturally suppose to be straight horizontally or vertically like a sunset horizon, bridge, trees, buildings, etc. and making it straight.  This can be done a number of ways, but since we started talking about camera phones, here is how to do it on an iPhone 6.  On an iPhone 6 go to the photo, tap the word “Edit”, then tap the crop icon that looks like a square.  There you will find a dial that you move either left or right to straighten your horizon against the grid lines that pop onto the photo making it easy to determine if it’s straight.

Now, why is this so important and why should I go through the trouble at all?  The reason is because it will make your photo of that gorgeous sunset much easier for our brains to process.  I know this sounds weird, but it actually throws our subconscious perception out of balance!  Seriously, though, our brains seek visual balance in everything we do which is why we find it odd when wall photos are crooked or if a t.v. on a wall was crooked.  To compensate for throwing our subconscious out of balance, we naturally tilt our heads to make it straight for our brains to read.  Now, if your subject isn’t the horizon, you’ve taken all of the attention away from it because our brains were too busy trying to “fix” the distraction.

In my samples below of recent clients, you’ll find how I’ve straightened my horizons so the main focus are my subjects playing within a beautiful backdrop.  Enjoy!


horizons horizons


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